Friday, August 05, 2005

Dear Stupid!

Hi folks, Have you ever received a mail that starts with something like

“Dear Stupid, I am Giving Away My Secrets on Getting Rich with …”
I do. You see, when I subscribe to the mail lists I often give names like “Stupid”, “Fool”, “Junk” instead of my first name. Really, these guys don’t really need my name. They only use it to fool me into a false sense of a personal touch. So, why not pull a little prank on them? Really, why? Why am I doing that? Do I enjoy being called “stupid”? Well, not exactly, there is much better reason for that. Many mail lists on the internet are designed to lure you into buying something – a report that reveals secrets, a guide that should make you rich, schemes that are supposed to bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams, pills that make you a sex legend, diets that will let you die healthy… You name it, and somebody on the Internet is already promising it. You may wonder why somebody would ever consider such offers, and the answer is “marketing”. Marketing and advertising. A sales copy filled with anchors and mind viruses. A sales copy that pretends to be a messages from your old friend; a message that tries to start with something like “Hi, Joe,…” or “Hey, Bob, …” to make you think that it was written by an old friend specially for you. There are no friends behinds it, actually, there are no real people either, it all happens automatically. Your name was harvested, put into a database, and now it was automatically inserted into a template like, “Hi, ,…” Once you are deceived into the friendly mood, it becomes much easier to penetrate your mind and infect you with a buying virus. Yes, just that. Now, you see what my little prank does? Instead of cheating me into a friendly open-mind mode, it automatically arms my defenses with an unexpected offense. You know, it’s not what they call you, it’s what you do after reading their stuff that makes you stupid or smart. Till the next time!